Журнал. World association for medical law. The COVID-19 pandemic. Volume 39 2

List of contents 5
Editorial 9
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in australia – history and potential lessons 17
Political, scientific and management aspects of coronavirus pandemics: considerations from Azerbaijan perspective 35
Healthcare law and the COVID-19 outbreak in Belgium 51
Brazilian report on the coronavirus crisis: a clash of pandemics 73
China’s practice of fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia 85
The fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in France: health organisation and legislative adaptation 93
Health and legal policy in Hungary at the time of COVID-19 pandemic 111
Public health actions against COVID-19 to protect our rights to health 125
Legal and ethical ramifications of COVID-19 in Israel 145
Japanese government policy on COVID-19 161
What is the role of the European Union in the COVID-19 pandemic? 169
Peruvian effort to response and fight COVID-19: health emergency 191
COVID-19 in Russia: novels of legal regulation of healthcare 211
COVID-19 and Turkey: the health infrastructure of Turkey and nature of privacy in a pandemic 237
Institutional and legal aspects of health care in times of COVID-19: learning from the Ukrainian experience 253
Making the public health mandate work: COVID-19 and the challenges revealed in the UK 273
Coronavirus pandemic - medical law and ethical issues in the United States 291
Index 299